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Core Services

We bring together under one roof a spectrum of divorce and transition services that will assist families and children throughout difficult times. 

  • Family Mediation - A voluntary way to help couples resolve issues arising from separation/divorce.  (For more information see our FAQ.)

  • Life Coaching - A results oriented way of helping people take action and get the results they want in work, family life or personal growth.  (For more information see our FAQ.)

  • Parent Coaching - A new and encouraging way of bringing together parent education and coaching to provide parents with an expanded awareness of useful parenting options available to them.  (For more information see our FAQ.)

  • Divorce Coaching – A way of helping individuals or couples manage the issues that arise from separation and divorce.  (For more information see our FAQ.)

  • Parenting Plans – A way of assisting separating couples with their parenting arrangements for the children.

  • Support Groups - Groups that have as its sole purpose bringing together people who share common issues and who want to assist one another throughout the process. These groups can take place in person or on conference calls. They may be for children or adults.

  • Custody and Access Assessments – For parents unable to resolve major issues relating to their children (see brochure), an Assessment leads to recommendations formulated in a written Parenting Plan.
  • Parenting Coordination – Parenting Coordination is a dispute resolution service for high conflict couples. The Parenting Coordinator (PC) has two general functions. One is as a coach/educator/facilitator, who attempts to minimize parental conflict and enhance parallel parenting, cooperation, and mutual respect. The second function is to assist parents to implement, maintain and comply with their Parenting Plan. Click here for more information.
  • Child Protection Mediation (CPM) – A way of resolving conflicts outside of the courts. By staying focused on what is best for the children it is often possible to find a common ground. The Centre has successfully worked with hundreds of families over the past 15 years with rave reviews.  (For more information see our FAQ.)
  • Family Needs Consultation – Consists of a team of highly experienced professionals offering an array of services for separating and divorcing families.  In particular, a specific consultation process called “The Family Needs Consultation”.  Families are seen by the team for several hours and experts opine and suggest a course of action to break the deadlock in which families may find themselves.  For further information please call 416 250-8398.

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